Landscaping Designs For The Suburban Home

When many people think about landscape designs, they think about a large expanse of lawn that is need of shrubbery, perhaps a few trees, and some colorful flower gardens. But not every home owner has a vast yard with excess room for landscaping – in fact, not every homeowner wants the work that comes with large yard and elegant landscape design.

Yes, many homeowners want a yard that looks great year round, but without the hassle of excessive lawn maintenance -this is especially true of the suburban homeowner who wants to have time to enjoy activities around them and not be tied down to yardwork every weekend. It is these homeowners who are looking for a simple landscape design that looks great but still leaves them time for leisure activities. If you fall into that category, then these simple to maintain landscape ideas are just for could try these out Desert Horizon Nursery

Gather up an assortment of pottery, bowls, terra cotta planters, fun buckets, etc. for your deck or patio and fill them with easy to care for plants – be it an herb garden, flowers, or even greenery that requires no maintenance. Vary the heights and sizes of both the plants and containers, add a few colorful chairs or perhaps a rug and your patio area will look like it belongs in a magazine.

Consider a low fence or even retaining wall that you can plant a few easy to care for items in front of. In no time at all, you will have a decorative natural space that looks great and only needs the occasional pruning.

Raised beds are a great way to have the element of gardening without all the weeding. Keep the plant selections simple and those that are natural to your area and the work is miniscule. Need help choosing plants? Talk to a local landscaper or someone at your local nursery.

Select some trees that grow easy and quickly and in no time at all you can have a border that add dimension, color and privacy.

Pick groundcovers such as ivy, ghost bramble and others that don’t need to be deadheaded and their leaves are so pretty they are like adding a flower garden.

Already have a shady area in the yard? Select plants and grass that thrives under those conditions. Some great options include hydrangeas, and hostas, but there are numerous others.

Consider adding a fountain. Having a water element adds energy and peace and requires no work on your part.

Having the perfect yard in your suburban neighborhood doesn’t have to be an excessive amount of work Rather, it is just a matter of taking a little bit of time and creating a landscape design that suits your time, space and maintenance interests. Talk to a local nursery or landscaper to get started.