Central Vacuum Installation

Central Vacuum is a system where there is one vacuum engine with multiple vacuum ports around the home instead of a movable cleaner. The movable vacuum salesmen claim that the systems pay for themselves with the increase in home value. The actual installation can be a pain though for those who are not that handy because vacuum tubes need to be installed to run all through the house. news

The prettiest option is to install the hoses in the walls, but this is like ductwork. You may consider calling a Denver HVAC company or an Aurora vacuum repairs company to do the installation of central vacuums.

For those comfortable with DIY projects then you will need some sheet rock skills, minor construction and wiring to install a central air conditioner. Any construction contractor would be able to do the job after a little research. You can save yourself a few hundred dollars per outlet by learning to install it yourself.

A standard tool box should have all the tools you need. You might need a stud finder, keyhole saw and right angle drill to get at the mounting location through drywall in existing homes. Ask your Denver vacuum repairs company to help you decide how many outlets you need. Each outlet and a standard central vacuum hose will cover around 750 sq ft of floor space. Unless your home has a large floor plan you will probably not need more than two outlets per story.

Try installing the unit in the basement or garage to minimize the noise. The garage is an especially nice location because it is easy to take out the bags compared with lugging them up from the basement. If you want to vent the exhaust air outside you will need to put the unit next to the wall and have some construction experience. However a Denver vacuum repairs can supply you with a kit with all the construction materials you need for installation.

Superbox vacuum inlets are also powered so they can run any type of power vacuum attachment like rotating heads. These power heads cost around $20 extra an outlet so the cost is not that bad compared to the increase in home value. The most important, and tricky part of installation is deciding where to put the inlets. They should be in a convenient place that doesn’t look tacky or mess up the decor. A good location is a hall where you can get to several rooms with the same outlet.