A Guide To Bridgeway Senior Healthcare

In my last article I discussed the modern means of initially looking for a senior care facility, as well as what happens when I try to contact that care facility, via telephone for further information.

The general method used by senior care facilities to deliver information to potential customers is that of a brochure. As an exercise, I recently ‘mystery-shopped’ ten different senior care facilities; of the six that I actually managed to get through to and then the four senior care facilities from these who actually took my details, two have sent me brochures. However, neither of these senior care facilities actually know that, since neither gave me a a follow-up call to ensure I had everything I needed (and therefore have another opportunity to see if I am ready to visit).Bridgeway Senior Healthcare

A useful timeline to follow with regards to sending brochures and following up on inquiries is as follows:

Day 1- Inquiry received Brochure pack sent- LOG ENQUIRY

Day 4- 1st Follow-up call to ensure customer has received all information. Encourage visit…

…if no visit booked…

Day 10- 2nd Follow- up call. Aim is to get visit booked if not already done so.

Equally, if your home has a website through which you can accept inquiries, make sure that you do check the web address that they come to on a regular basis; e-mail inquiries should be treated with the same level of importance as telephone inquiries.

Very importantly nowadays, is keeping track of those people who do email you. It is worth using an ‘opt-in’ box on any email forms you use, asking the person if they would like to receive monthly updates from you in the form of perhaps a newsletter. This means that not only will you be keeping a possible ‘speculative’ inquiry live, but also proving to people beyond the realms of a website or a brochure that you do actually run the activities you are so proud to list!

In my next article I will discuss whether the 20% of senior care facilities who did fully respond to my telephone inquiry actually do enough to encourage me to visit that senior care facility.